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I'm Devon

a Former model who loved begin behind the camera more...many Years later, here we are and I'm humbled you've made it to my page.  I love making people feel beautiful and capturing the genuine moments between you and your loved ones. 

Let's get to know each other- I'll go first.

Devon- rhymes with heaven

Masters degree in nursing and still work part time as a Labor & Delivery nurse

Consider myself a professional newborn swaddler per the previously mentioned

Boy mama

Big fan of bringing your dog to a photo shoot

Raised on dirt bikes and around bonfires

you can find me in the pit at any country concert

9 times out of 10 will cry during a father-of-the-bride speech

Half my heart in California and half in Arizona

But let's be honest, your photos are about you, not me! Nothing forced, real moments- you and what matters most to you. 

So if that's also what you're into, take me along and let's do this thing!


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